For starter we go from web design. Web design include creating visual elements of web site and appearance of site. In this step of creating web presentation look is the most important, we define how many pages we will have and which will this pages be, then we decide which colors we will use and which functionality we need on website. Web design is close connected in this part of creating web site with graphic design. If you have a logo we will use it and fit in your web presentation. It is very important for logo to follow standards in design but also it is very important not to change frequently logo because that will hurt branding of your business, services you providing or your product. When we bring together all of this in one unity then we start with bringing our ideas to life and we create from our design fully functional website. This step is called coding of website. After coding we should gather material (content for pages, text, images, video etc.) and put it all in the right place. If you are not sure what content you should put on your web presentation we will help you with our service of creating the content for websites. The step that follow us from writing the content to the end of creating a web presentation is SEO. When website is visible on the internet your goal is to your website see as many people as possible, and that is achieved by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In short SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as "natural, "organic", or "earned" results. If SEO is better done search results for your site on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing will be better. When the website is created job is not done. Maintenance of website must be carried out after a certain period. Maintenance include: updating information on website, adding new text, images or any other content, also checking of technical functioning of the site and quality control. If you decided to build your website in some CMS (Content Management System), system for dynamic content management, you will save on maintenance costs because with CMS you alone can put content on your website. Some of CMS programs are Wordpress and WebsiteBaker. At last but not least you have to connect your website on some social network such as: facebook, instagram, twitter, google+ etc. People spend a lot of time online especially on some of the social network sites, and that is why you should use our service of making a page of your company on social networks. Introduce your business to a large number of people and increase earnings potential on the internet. This is the end of process from image to website. For all the details of our offer, please contact us »

Web design

The first step in creating of web site is web design. Web site must have unique and responsive design and also must be made accordance with current trends and methods in web design.

Graphic design

During the design we used opportunity to create a logo and choose the colors that will be used on site and the appearance of the entire visual identity. This helps in branding of your business.

Web site coding

We use the latest technologies in web development such as: HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. With help of coding we create HTML site from PSD image that we get from web designers.

Web site development

Web site development includes planning of area in which we will place the content. If the client want site in some CMS then we must do some adjustments in code to adapt website for CMS.

Content creation

Gathering of content and its placement on web site is our next step. Carefully we input all material on area that is provided by web designers. This step is very important for next phase and that is SEO.

SEO optimization

As we put text on web site we should take care about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization and links within the web site. We define internal site optimization and also planning external site optimization.

Testing pages

Usability testing includes checking all the functionality of the site and the overall safety of the entered content, which means checking links and page proofs text if necessary.

Publishing site

After thorough testing all we should do is to put site on internet. We place entire web site on server and after 24 hours web presentation becomes active and visible online.

Web site maintenance

From time to time you should take care for web site maintenance. Site maintenance includes protection from hackers, deleting viruses, validation and updating web site.

What is responsive design

Responsive design (RWD) makes your web pages look good on all devices (mobile telephone, tablet, laptop, PC etc.). Mobile web site is a necessary only in specific situation when you need a certain content and functionality on the basis of the device from which you access it. In that case the mobile website is totaly different from the desktop versions.

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 emphasizes the simplification of the code that is required to create a website that matches W3C standards and connects all the necessary CSS, JavaScript and graphic files. CSS3 allows us easier use of animation without use of JavaScript, JQuery or Flash. The animation is simple, easirer to maintain and perfect for responsive design.

MySQL databases

MySQL is a fast and reliable database management system that integrates well with PHP and it is suited for dynamic application that run on Internet. Databases are very important when it comes to CMS. To install CMS database is needed (WordPress and WebsiteBaker) and also when we creating online shop we need database for products or for registration of customers etc.


Graphic design

Besides designing the logo we also design banners (animated and static), business cards, brochures, letterheads and flyers.



CMS website

Kajla Web Design offers website development in two systems for dynamic content management such as: WordPress and WebsiteBaker.



Redesign of web site

Redesign of the website allows you to implement new look on your site, put new content or edit existing content.